Help! I'm Nervous About My Upcoming Dental Appointment

If you get nervous at the thought of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. In fact, 9-20% of Americans fear going to the dentist.

However, you don’t have to be fearful. At Supertooth in Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Germantown, Maryland, our caring dental team offers sedation dentistry. With this innovative option, we can keep you calm and relaxed throughout each visit to our office, so you can get the care you need.

Sedation dentistry 101

You might be familiar with people using laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to get through invasive dental procedures, such as root canals. However, that’s just one form of sedation dentistry.

Today, you can choose from a broad range of sedation dentistry techniques, such as breathing in laughing gas through a gas mask, getting a sedative delivered intravenously, or taking a pill.

Here at Supertooth, we tailor sedation dentistry to you. For example, if you want just a little something to take the edge off, we might recommend intravenous (IV) sedation dentistry. This allows us to adjust the sedative level to keep you comfortable without delivering more sedative than you need.

Or, if you want an ultra-convenient way to feel relaxed at your upcoming appointment, we may recommend oral sedation. With this option, we give you a pill to take about an hour before your appointment. That way, by the time you sit down in the dentist’s chair, the sedative has kicked in and you can relax.

Ultimately, there are quite a few options available to help you feel comfortable while you’re at any of our Supertooth offices. 

Finding the right option for you

Some people want sedation dentistry for every dental visit, including their routine teeth cleanings. Others choose it for more involved visits, such as for getting a filling. No matter your need, we can apply the right sedation to keep you comfortable at any visit that may make you nervous.

If you choose sedation dentistry, you’ll need someone to drive you home from your appointment in most cases. We can help you schedule your visit for a time that’s convenient for you, such as toward the end of the day, so a friend or family member can pick you up when they finish work.

Here at Supertooth, our goal is to help you feel as comfortable as possible each time you visit us. To learn more about your sedation dentistry options, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

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