What to Do About Intense Tooth Pain

What to Do About Intense Tooth Pain

Every year, around 2 million people go to the emergency room because they have tooth pain, and countless more seek emergency care from their dentists. How do you know the difference between a bad toothache and an emergency?

At all Supertooth dental locations, our highly trained providers keep some time open in their schedules to help people who need emergency dentistry. In this post, we offer some insight into what kinds of situations our dentists say call for emergency care and describe some of the key indicators. 

Determining the cause of the pain

Understanding why you have a toothache is the first step. Here are a few of the most common underlying causes of pain that we see. 


Gingivitis is a very common dental issue caused by bacteria buildup. The bacteria irritates your gums, which become inflamed. Over time, gingivitis can advance to more serious gum disease and infection.

If it feels as though your tooth pain is radiating from your gums, and your gums look swollen and red, you may need care quickly. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.


Tooth decay due to poor nutrition, poor hygiene, or injury can lead to pain. A diet that contains too much sugar can promote bacterial growth, and if you don’t properly brush and floss daily, serious tooth pain could result.

You may experience sensitivity to heat or cold or to sweet and sour when you have tooth decay. The pain may feel like a shock or a burning sensation. 

Wisdom teeth problems

Unfortunately, getting your wisdom teeth usually confers pain rather than knowledge. Your wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that were important when humans need to eat harder foods than they do today. Most people who have wisdom teeth need to have them removed.

When wisdom teeth start to grow, they can cause pain for a variety of reasons. You may notice a throbbing sensation in your jaw or near your ear, or you may have headaches because of them.

Recognizing serious situations

Although the underlying cause of tooth pain varies, some situations call for immediate care. Here’s when you should seek care right away: 

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call the Supertooth office nearest you and schedule emergency care.

Treating tooth pain

Because there are so many different reasons you might have a toothache, treatment depends on the cause of your pain. Our highly skilled dental professionals provide compassionate care to correct the problem and get your mouth healthy.

If you’re wondering whether you should be concerned about your tooth pain, it’s a good indication you should come in for a visit. If you’re experiencing the situations listed above, schedule an emergency appointment with Supertooth Dental Group today.

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